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We are glad to welcome You on our site. We are an engineering firm engaged in the development and production of various kinds of products.

You can view our services below. Do you need help to develop or manufacture parts? Contact to us!

Design and manufacture of molds.

Design and manufacture of molds.

We provide services by design and manufacture of molds.


Product development.

Product development.

You can order a complete product development.

Starting from the concept, 3D models, assemblies, drawings and ending with the development of molds and the start of production.


Detailed 3D models of boards.

Detailed 3D models of boards.

We offer you detailed 3D models of printed circuit boards. Full compliance of components with the original board.

You available сircuit board next firms: Raspberry, Adafruit

Boards are available for download in the format Parasolid .X_T

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Do you need help?

We provide a range of useful services.

  • Reverse engineering

    Reverse engineering PCB (Printed circuit board)

    - Price from 500 € -

  • Development

    Product concept development based on the sketches

    - Price from 500 € -

  • Creation

    Creating 3D models based on sketches

    - Price from 150 € -

  • Assembly

    Assembling products from individual components

    - Price from 250 € -

  • Inspection

    Checking existing products for mistakes

    - Price from 150 € -

  • Drawings

    Creating working drawings. Based on your details

    - Price from 150 € -

  • Questions

    Assistance in matters related to the development and production

    - Price from 50 € / Hour -

  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing of prototypes

    - Price from 500 € -

  • Production

    Production of Your products

    - Price from 1000 € -

  • Mold

    Designing of mold

    - Price from 700 € -

  • Manufacturability

    Checking product manufacturability

    - Price from 50 € -

  • Author's supervision

    Control of design work

    - Price from 500 € -

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