About our Company

Constructive people. Creative design. Progressive thinking.

Our Philosophy

We believe that innovation compliment usability and functionality. We are committed to enhancing and contributing to the world of industrial design by incorporating both creative design and ease-of-use applications. Our vision and practice are to provide quality, user-friendly, designs that not only set my clients apart from their competitors, but also aid day-to-day lives of our clients consumers.

Our Experience

Has led us to design and develop many commercially-viable products for an international base of companies and clients. Our design solutions not only provide an exciting and new addition to the high-end product selection, but also strive to provide functionality and solve issues with past or current design issues that might be an obstacle to convenience and usability.

About SMT

Our direction

Creativity. Quality. Reliability.

  • Product development
  • Manufacture of molds
  • Sale of products
  • 3D models
  • Product development

    Product development

    Our company is engaged in the development of various products.

    We provide a full range of development from the creation of the concept, the development of 3D parts, the creation of assemblies and drawings.

    If you have a desire to create your own unique product, please contact to us.

    • Pricing is based on workload. We are sure that we can agree.
  • Manufacture of molds

    Manufacture of molds

    We are engaged in the design and manufacture of molds.

    We have over the shoulders for more than 25 years of experience in this field.

    For ordering a project, please contact us.

    • Pricing is based on workload. We are sure that we can agree.
  • Sale of products

    Sale of products

    We offer your attention our own products that you can order from us.

    We manufacture lasers of our own design.

    If you want to order this product, please contact us.

    • For receiving price specify order quantity.

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  • 3D models

    3D models

    You can also download our 3D models.

    We have are presented following products:

    Printed circuit boards.

    Threads for bottles.

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Our services

A number of useful services available for You!


Product concept development.


Creating 3D models based on sketches.


Assembling products from individual components.


Checking existing products for mistakes.


Creating working drawings. Based on your details


Assistance in matters related to the development and production.


Manufacturing of prototypes.


Production of Your products.


Designing a tool for work.


Checking product manufacturability.

Author's supervision

Control of design work.


Product visualization.

  • Pricing is based on the required services.

Our Clients

From different parts of the world.

BM Group
Drea Pod 9
Nordic Aluminium
Summer Starrs, LLC
Plow Technologies
Guy Tevel
Belvidere Belchon
Dom Sole
Easy Embedded Solutions
Elly Stand
Pro Design
Q-Tek D.O.O.
Shahed Saffari
Sopka LLC