Artem Zapolskikh
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Artem Zapolskikh

Hello, my name is Artem Zapolskikh i'm The main site admin, and the leading two channels YouTube dedicated to educational and gaming topics.




SMT Design Studio:

This channel is dedicated to educational topics:

  • Learn program SolidWorks. The video always shows the current version of the program. Playlist with lessons "Lessons on SolidWorks"
  • Video on export of various programs: SolidWorks, Cinema 4D, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Inventor Professional, KeyShot. Playlist with export "Export"
  • Installing various plug-ins for SolidWorks. Playlist plugins "Modules and plugins SolidWorks"
  • Video for work on the engine Joomla. Playlist video "Joomla"
  • Create of different 3D models. Playlist "Luke Skywalker's lightsaber"
  • Projects made in SolidWorks & Cinema 4D. Playlist "SolidWorks & Cinema 4D"
  • Video tutorials on working in visualization program KeyShot. Playlist "KeyShot"

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This channel is dedicated to gaming topics:

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