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Hello, my name is Andrey Zapolskikh. I'm a Mechanical Design Engineer, professional with a big experience in design, manufacturing and development.


Design skill
  • Design of complex products (from household appliances to medical)
  • Production planning manufacture and testing of samples
  • Design tools (molds, dies, casting non-ferrous metals)
  • Drawings and specifications
  • Complete project management
  • Calculating the cost of the project
Manufacturing skill
  • ool makers technology (operating cards)
  • Programs for CNC machine tools
  • Solution of technological problems
  • Development of new technologies
  • Launch the product in mass production


Bachelor’s degree - Mechanical Engineer (Design and toolmakers technology) (1987 - 1993) Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Izhevsk, Russia
Programmer - operator CNC equipment (2004) Technical school of “Makino”, Tokyo, Japan

Work Experience

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Mechanical Design Engineer  (February 2011 - present)

"SMT" D.O.O., Bar, Montenegro

  • Organization of design units.
  • Participation in projects of "Guy Tevel - Product Design and Development" (Israel) - the technological design of the project, the development of the tool and start of production (23 projects for two years).
  • Technological design projects of the company "MAD" (England) - the highest level of speakers (7 projects).
  • Product development and manufacturing for the company "BM Teknik & Cougartron" (Denmark) - technological design project, tool development and start product in mass production (More 9 projects for two years).
  • Development and product design "Sopka LLC" (USA) - sunglasses (5 projects).
  • Product development for the company "Dom Sole" (Dominican Republic) - design and development of shoe soles.
  • Design, development and production for the company "Dream Pod 9" (Canada) - the technological design of the project Heavy Gear, development tools, and start of production (7 projects and finishing 13th for the production of products).
  • The technological design of the project for the company "MSC D.O.O. & Q-Tek D.O.O." (Russian, USA, Montenegro) - redesign chromatograph, the development of the vacuum chamber and manufacture of molds (More than 10 projects).
  • Redesign product and manufacturing for the company "Nordic Aluminium" (Finland, Russia) - the development of an aluminum structure and electrical systems (More than 20 projects).
  • Development of molds "Sagrit" (Russian) - product completion and development tools (2 projects).
  • Design tool (molds, dies, molds for casting aluminum).

Senior Mechanical Engineer (March 2010 - January 2011)

"LG Electronics - RUS" ltd., Moscow, Russia

  • Organization repair of tool on the basis of a branch in Russia. Reduced the cost of repair tool is almost 3  times (from $ 2 million per month to $ 700 thousand per month).
  • Organization of a warehouse of spare parts for repair of molds and dies. Time repairs and maintenance have been reduced by 50%.
  • Participation in the R & D department. Technological challenges in developing new products.
  • The launch of new products in mass production (of 4 new products, more than 90 molds and dies tested and put into operation).
  • Work with suppliers of components (21 supplier in Russia and Korea). Carrying out repair and commissioning.

Senior Mechanical Engineer (July 2008 - March 2010)

“Nordic Aluminium Russian” ltd., Moscow, Russia ( “Nordic Aluminium” (Finland))

  • Participation in projects of the parent company. Development of architectural systems in high-rise construction.
  • Design windows - doors group of products
  • Organization of production of products in the territory of the branch. The cost of the products were reduce production by 25-30%. Which resulted to an increase in sales more than 2 times.

Mechanical Design Engineer; Programmer of CNC equipment (May 2004 - July 2008)

“Door Han” ltd., Moscow, Russia

  • Development of new systems of automatic garage doors and shutters. Developed a new system of gate opening and spring charging.
  • Design details of polymers, aluminum and sheet metal.
  • Organization department molding and extrusion of polymeric materials. Will fully meet enterprise products from polymers. Cost of sales decreased by approximately 15-20%.
  • Organization of toolmakers department. The department provided a completely necessary tool for company (molds, dies, molds for casting aluminum extrusion dies, etc.). After the launch, toolmakers department on 90% ensured the factory an essential tool.
  • Development of technologies for the manufacture of parts for tool room. Writing programs for CNC equipment.
  • Launch area for the production of prototype products. Possible to reduce the number of errors in the final product and reduce the startup time in the series.


  • Telemetry system for spacecraft - Mathematical support project, part design and tool design
  • Walkie-talkies - Part design and tool design (molds, dies, molds for casting aluminum)
  • Portable medical equipment - Part design and tool design (molds, dies, molds for casting aluminum)
  • Consumer electronics - Part design and tool design (molds, dies, molds for casting aluminum)
  • Household appliances - Development of the hull and types of parts designed by the designer, tool design (molds, dies, molds for casting aluminum), start mass production
  • Car audio system - Development of the hull and types of parts designed by the designer, tool design (molds, dies, molds for casting aluminum), start mass production


  • Design stamps
  • Design die casting form
  • Molding technology for polymeric materials
  • Computer aided design – SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk SketchBook Pro, KeyShot